Many times we come to yoga, and the last thing I need/want to do is sit! So, why do I sit in yoga. Many times, we have so many things in my mind, my life, all of the sudden has moved so quickly I do not know how a week just past. I know I have so many things in my mind, so worry about so many things… and finally I remind (force!) myself to come to yoga! Yeah! The practice! Before I even start moving, can I remind my mind to be also be here with me?! My mind many times is somewhere else, staying back in my problems or preoccupations, and all that!

Sitting in Roop Dhyan

Sitting, and closing my eyes, allows me to remember, re-member, become a member, whole, one more time. Just allowing myself to breathe, take that one breath, and surrender to the moment. The smell of incense, the silence of the surrounding, the instructor instructing me to interrupt my own distracting dialogue… all these make my practice more intentional, deeper.

Sometimes, stopping to re-start, is the best way to reconnect to all the things I know, deeply inside of me. It is not learning, it is not a class, but a chance to practice all the things I already know and have forgotten. That is why I sit. That is why I love yoga. It all allows me to come back to my heart, the gateway to the All Attractive!