Always with us
27 September, 2022 by
Always with us
Devanand Yoga Center
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Once you entered in the yoga center, you knew there was something special about this place. The moment I saw you entering into the center, I knew there is something special about you. The center is different, mystic, gentle, quiet and full of energy at the same time. It is the place where we all leave our worries out, and throw ourselves in the arms of that energy in it. It is with expectation, curiosity that you come through that door. And I am so glad you did. You never knew you were going to find you…

You come and participate with many words, weird words, Sanskrit words; and we chant together. We take turns to listen to each other, to let the mind quiet down. You let these powerful chant enter your being, and elevate your mood, prepare you for class. Maybe you come and sit and participate, even without saying a word, with your hearts, and your own energy. Your internal smile that breaks all barriers. You gently close your eyes, looking inside, looking for your own truth, your heart. You move your breath that just sits unmoved, holding keeping your deepest energy, inside. And, you are reminded to just simply let it out, to exhale. With that exhalation all the daily layers are peeled off, and you find your Self opened; the shoulders drop, the chest softens. Then movement dances along with your breath. Movement that invites muscles and nerves, bones and joints, fluids and blood, move in places you had forgotten were there. The skin becomes alive, the senses deepen inward, and we feel moving floating, swimming in an ocean of energy; all seems intangible, maybe not logical, but equally real.

Sweat and effort come through your body. The body takes you to places in your mind maybe forgotten. Memories, distractions, things that were inside come running out. The mind tries to hold on to things in the past, or expectations of the future. The mind jumps, kicks, rebels, protests… Finally, the asanas take you deeper; you surrender. The breath is fluent, the mind quiets down, the heart truly opens, the senses travel to unfathomable peaceful places. We reach savasana…you let go, floating like a leaf carried but gentle wind. Deep, imperceptible breath.

That special you that has walked through the yoga class at this little center in Houston – once or many times – has extended. You are now everywhere. You are in all corners of Houston, Clear Lake, Conroe, San Antonio, Austin, Galveston becoming a doctor, Fort Davis being sharing yoga with others. You are now in the East coast getting a better education, and the West coast pursuing your writer dreams. You are North, way South, back in your home country. You are in the UK, Netherlands, India, China, Colombia, South Africa, France, Costa Rica, Australia, Mexico… you are still in our hearts. You make this yoga center.

I see this special person, walking in the yoga center. That special heart. That special soul, still part, connected. I miss you. I love you most for all that you give and that you are – really.


Always with us
Devanand Yoga Center 27 September, 2022
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