Reflection #15: It is all about those Papas…Rellenas!

Although my most favorite topics are of spiritual nature, i also understand how I can be spiritualized every topic. In my mind, I can genuinely see the mystery of God in all aspects of life. This helps me think of Him or Her, and allows my mind to understand it all beyond a material nature. I can see in the most mundane aspects the brilliancy of Divinity, Love. 

Why is it important to me to see and think of God everywhere? Because of the Law of Karma. MY Guru always taught that there are, have been, and will always be 3 energies, God’s, material, and the individual soul. I, as a soul, my mind can only relate to material nature or God’s nature (spirituality, Divinity, Love, or any other way we need to describe God’s nature – we have a choice!). I am in one or the other, there is no third option. So, when I relate to material stuff, I get a material result. For example, I study hard, I get good grades. I exercise constantly, I develop a stronger body.  

The question still remains: to what purpose I do all these?  

Secondly, when I related to spiritual matters – God, I get spiritual results. I can relate to things in 3 moods (guna): tamasicrajasic, and sattvic. I relate in these three ways, fluidly, every day, back and forth, to food, people, etc. Tamasic refers to ignorance. I do it without thought, act without consciousness, mindlessly, without considering the consequences. When I relate in a rajasic way, I am acting out of passion. I might be very attached to the results, I get extremely emotional, not very balanced or rational (me? never!). And, finally, the sattvic way, is the in the mood of goodness. I am thinking more benevolently, I act out of good intentions, with kindness. Many think this is only foods which take these characteristics, although, every relation in the material world does, not just food

My Guru explains that these gunas are a way to relate to the inert, material world, with material consequences. The law of action and reaction will provide material reactions, which, as fantastic as they might be, are never satisfying. I (my soul) am spiritual in nature. I can totally see material reactions only produce short term, droplets of happiness. Furthermore, the danger consists in that they are binding. I get the job I was looking for, soon enough, I am aiming for a promotion. I get the car I wanted – now I want the newer model. If I do not get the things I want, then, I get frustrated, angry, my heart is occupied with all kinds of worries and fear-based thinking. In other words, it is never enough. My soul keeps looking for more, because it is my nature, to be part of God, Love, ever increasing, ever present, everlasting. My ultimate intent is to relate to things beyond material interest, spiritualizing my actions. 

How do I spiritualize actions? I think and create an association to God, in any form, in any type of relationship (friend, master, king, parent, my beloved…). This is just done by my mind. My mind(fulness) relates to deeply thinking of God, in all I do. 

There is so much more to say about that. I really intended to share “my” vegan potato recipe: papas rellenas. I think my Beloved Krishna (The All Attractive) would love these!?. 

  1. Start with mashed potatoes. Boiled with skin, and mashed with olive oil and salt and pepper, maybe a little garlic (this is rajasic food…oh well, I try, and have my weaknesses!), cumin, etc.  
  1. Make your own flour or use any flour. As I am gluten free, I pulverize oats (or sesame, pea, chickpea, etc.) in the blender, and use it as flour. 
  1. Add a little flour to the mashed potato until think and malleable.  
  1. Make an “egg” wash. Take a little of the oat and dissolve in cold water. 
  1. Make the filling. I stir fry some veggies with onion and garlic. Usually, we would add at the end some sliced olives, nuts, and raisins, and light cooked them. 
  1. Once the filling is cooled, I add one tablespoon full into the mashed potato shaped into a boat(?!). I close the “boat”, with more potato if needed.  
  1. I then roll it on flour. Then roll it on “egg wash”, and another layer of flour so it sticks – lots of fun and messy process! 
  1. Then place on a greased baking sheet (I use coconut oil) and in the oven (on broil?) until crisp. Since all of it is cooked, then only thing I look for is crispiness on the outside, from the flour. Others also fried these. Choices, choices! 
  1. I usually add a little raw salad, or guac to add the balance of nutrients. 
  1. Voilá! 
A plate of food

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Papas Rellenas

I do take the time to stop and thank God, and even offer a small little dish for Him/Her. Knowing all along, I have been cooking for my most precious Beloved friend, spiritualizing my cooking!