Reflection #17: I am learning

What a year! As I think back of the many ways my life is not the same as it was before, I am perplexed of the ways life/God works, and not so mysterious ways. 

As I look back, 2020 brought so many incredibly valuable lessons. The year started did not start as usual. A few weeks into the year the world was shut down and in quarantine. It all changed. The way to do business, the way I share with others, the way I practiced yoga, all was new…and I adapted; we all have. I was able to maintain safety, health, and a new perspective of what is important. I, and the rest of the world, found ourselves in this “forced” cloistering, with a renewed message to look inside. Not easy. 

I am learning many beautiful lessons. I learned to appreciate relationships. The time was given back to me, to be able to dedicate to practice spiritually. What did it mean to now wake up and have the time to sit and meditate, pray, chant, etc., without rush? I was given the opportunity to do it simply because I wanted to relate (relationship) to Divine energy. “I never had time for” was not an excuse. The more I associate with my practice, the more I naturally detach from the rest. I learned to filter the constant external input in news, tragedy, death. I can now place my focus and full intent in developing the softness of my heart.  

I have learned that difficult times do not always mean bad things. I am learning more clearly there are two options, Love or fear. Fear I believe is many times, the secure, the visible, easier to achieve things with which I can pacify my senses, for a short period time. Love, I believe, it means the unseen, risky choice, not ever knowing the “return on investment”; it means to be more of the spirit. As many times as I heard, Love is God, I am learning to have a sweeter relationship with Him/Her/Them; and I am learning I get to choose my relationship. 

I am learning to be more humble, and accept the things I cannot change, and develop understanding for the things I can. I learned to practice yoga with my virtual spiritual family, who also counted on me to be there. I am learning to trust more genuinely in that voice in me, understanding only what I could offer was enough. I also understood “it” is not for all, and it will never be. 

I felt more connected to my dear spiritual friends in Houston, Chile, Switzerland, England, San Antonio, Orlando, Italy, Perú. I have made new friends too. Although not physically together, I have learned to feel their presence, in a tiny window in my computer. My heart (and ego, working on it) fills when there is that text or WhatsApp that never fails after class. I feel the spiritual company and support of the ones who are always there, even though I know it is not always easy. 

I have learned the yoga center is not a building. It is the people that bring their genuine energy every time, and we share it together, “good” or “bad”. The “center” has no regard to geographical distance, physical or spiritual ability, or any other qualifications. I am learning the yoga center captivates the goodness in each of our hearts, and we all contribute in our own ways. It is the strength of a shared idea. It is beyond a social, political, philosophical, economical movement; it is the personal, intentional spiritual growth in each of us. And, I am learning this is transformational. 

I am hopeful each of us, makes a difference in our lives, with the (un)intended consequence to affect the world(s) we navigate. It is my hope, not in numbers, though in quality of our transformation. It is my intention and hope that we make our lives just more genuinely Loving, without expecting anything in return. To practice Love. 

May we all have a spiritually filled 2021!