Final Yoga Session – June 29, 2022

Dearest yogis (and friends),

The Devanand Yoga Center has been run since 1984, by Juan, back when we were in Lima, Perú. Juan was my yoga instructor, and from whom I have learned yoga and most importantly from whom I have learned love. Juan, also known as Yogesh, name given by his Spiritual teacher during initiation, initiated me in this Spiritual path of Divine Love since I was 18 years old. I have known him to only work tirelessly to provide many and all he met the most loving service through the practice of yoga. Since our arrival to Houston in the late 80s we knew to only provide our service through yoga by opening the Center to provide free, or voluntary yoga, without seeking anything in return.

The Devanand Yoga Center has provided thousands of individuals, now all over the world, with the most loving intentions of a reconnection to who we are inside, a reconnection to our spiritual self through physical awareness, redirecting the mind, and breath. In our two locations in Houston, the Center has served yogis in packed rooms, and when there was no one in the room, with the same love. The Center charged a minimum amount to sustain some of the cost, and almost every month, these were sustained by the volunteers, especially Juan’s personal funds. Neither Juan nor I have sought financial compensation because we understood the immense value of the spiritual gain of service to others.

The Center was tremendously affected by the pandemic, and we continued virtually although the cost remained the same. The numbers are not the same post-pandemic, and we see the writing on the wall. The Center’s lease is ending June 30, 2022. After weighing all options, balancing the over 35 years in Houston, and the personal evaluation of where we are in our lives, the Devanand Yoga Center has decided to permanently close its doors, by the end of its lease, June 2022. We know all of you understand this is not an easy decision after almost 40 years of my life, and 50 on Yogesh’s sweat and tears placed in this spiritual service.

Our hope is that this effort has not been in vain. Our only hope is that each and every one of you takes something from your practice and continue your journey to make your lives more spiritual, and more loving. Our true hope is that you have gained insights on how amazing you are. While in the Center we have lived together hundreds of stories, breakthroughs, smiles, tears, deep conversations, stories of healing, of realizations, of significant moments in our lives. We will keep these very real experiences with us forever. We will keep friends and supporters, without out whom we would have not been able to do this. We hope all of you find a way to pay it forward.

As always, may this and every moment, in and out of the mat, bring a deep sense of Harmony in your lives; may you go forward knowing we are a breath away in reconnecting with our peacefulness; may we all continue the path to find the strength to see our own truth; and finally, we all of us realize the only path to walk in this earth is through the path of selfless Divine Love.

Your forever well-wishers,

Devanand Yoga Center