Just sitting around the fire place, in those magic moments, with friends that we find only by the Grace of God.
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We had just finished a wonderful meal, after offering it with beautiful mantras that made the act of eating more than feeding the gut, but enlivening the soul. We were discussing life, laughing, being with each other, just like good friends can do. In my heart there is great sense of gratitude, and at the same time of wonder, “What have we done to deserve such great people in our lives?” The conversation turns in the most joyful directions, between fun memories, future planned trips, reflections on our daily lives, sharing on their spiritual wisdom. It was such a pleasure to be together. 

Our dear friend shares this wonderful story that just traveled deep inside of me. I thought it was very powerful and with a great deal of wisdom, just like he is. I thought important enough to share. He sat back and those lively eyes full of compassion and wisdom, and narrated the story. 

"There was a very wealthy business man who had a very brilliant son. They were celebrating with friends and family the son’s graduation from college. The father over heard the son on his over-confidence that he did not have to do much in life to always be content. The son was glowing in the glee of inexperience and innocent arrogance of youth. The father challenged his son with a bet. He would give him one million dollars at the end of 5 years if he could survive without any human contact. He was not to see, talk, or touch any human being for this period. The son immediately accepted as long as 2 conditions were met. His father had to provide shelter, food, and books. The father conceded. He placed him the following morning in the separate quarters in the back of the house, without any visual contact with anyone. The father would provide all meals, placed under his door, without any human contact. All books that the son required were provided too. 

The son, stayed for the long duration of five years without any contact with any human being. He simply read and received his meals on time. The father had no contact with the child and went on his business for five years too. Both parties kept their promise. The millionaire father started second guessing his decision to give his young son one million dollars as the due date approached. He found all kinds of reasons and excuses not to part with his hard earned money. The father was taken over by the sinister desire of killing his son, as the only way to keep his money. The night before the deadline, the father snuck into the quarters where his son had lived for five years. He was determined to kill him. He approached the building and the room with skilled silence. There was no noise, as in expectation of what would happen. As he approached his son’s room, he found the door wide opened. He walked and found nothing inside the room, except a small note. The note said, “I ran away because I have found wisdom and happiness. I did not want to wait until tomorrow morning when the money would have tempted me. I rather live without the temptation on my own. Love, Your son.” 

So many emotions were going through my mind and heart. I could see how many of our lives have been deviated from their itinerary, simply by distractions on the way. We look, even if we do not want to, for those things that glimmer around us. We do constantly forget to be humble, to live humbly, to live simply, and simply live. It is difficult to trust the process, the presence of Divinity in our lives; although it is there, even if we do not acknowledge it. Is it possible to just live in loving surrendering…?

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