Reflection #16: Holy Days

The holy days! I think about the enthusiasm, that “feeling” in the air, the excitement of those special moments, and time of reflection. Can’t we make all 365 days like this?   I remember as a child, when my parents were going through a particularly difficult financial time, and there was going to be a very light Christmas and Eve dinner. The […]

Reflection #14: The One Story?

I just read a TED talk (yes, read it… 😊) about the “single story”. This is a narration of this Nigerian writer who (you can use the link) warns about the single sided view of things. We paint all people from a single story we heard or read somewhere. In my mind, I always try reconciling this with my “spiritual bias”, […]

Reflection #13: King Bharata

My teacher talks about remaining neutral in all circumstances. This brings me to the story my guru has described in His lectures. The story of King Bharata.   In a previous era, Kings used to be honorable and kind leaders who really were invested in the well-being of their people, without self-interest. So was King Bharata. Because of his devotional life and practice, he soon realized the need to […]

Reflection #11: Looking for You

Ah, the physical body! The wonder it is. Do I really think of my body as my temple for my soul? If I understand myself to be more than a whole bunch of molecules put together, then, isn’t true that even then there is “energy” connecting each molecule to each other? Or even deeper, an […]

Reflection #10: Quinoa

And this week, I will reflect on food! Ha! One of the greatest discoveries of my path through new dietary habits is how my system responds more sensitively to foods which are processed. As mentioned before I started as a ovo-vegetarian at the age of 18. I transitioned gradually to fully vegan and gluten free a few […]

Reflection #9

I wrote this “reflection”, about 7 years back. I thought it would be good to revisit and re-share.  I remember at the age of 6 or so, I ran downstairs, with the curiosity and determination a child can have, I walked into my father’s study, where he was buried in books and the reading of philosophy and […]

Reflection #8: Core

Strength v. force. I am experiencing, as many of us, a shift in our world. It is very jarring to me to see the idolization of power, wealth, popularity, and external beauty. I know this is not new to us, but I feel it more evident. What am I to do with all these external […]

Reflection #7

There is danger in becoming vegan! Danger! Once you become vegan, our perception of the world also changes! Although my road to veganism was “slow”, over the years, I left milk, then all dairy, including eggs, and eventually my beloved wheat! Now, I lost count how many years it has been since I am vegan […]