Reflection #2: Show up and Surrender

July 29, at the age of 19, when I officially “initiated” my yoga practice this life. Never heard of yoga. My first teacher, special spiritual guide in my life who taught me for the first time what love meant, introduced me to yoga, Juan, founder of this center. I was curious. Every evening he would […]

Reflections #1: Who am I?

One day I looked at my photo. It was me as a kid, eating ice cream, in shorts, on a sunny day, by the sea. I knew it was me, but it was not me anymore. My body had changed. I am taller, bigger, and many more “-ers” than that pic. So, who am I? According […]

Yesterday’s Yoga

I wish I had more to give you. Everyday, you offer me a way to silence my shuffle. God knows where this urban unrest comes from? Yet, in the soft amber light of the glowing candles we pause. Closing eyes is an option we can all take sometime. But what about the endless sinister suggestions that […]

Why Yoga

Why yoga?  Because yoga is fun!  Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to reconnect, to unite, to yoke.  It does.  It works.  There is something about this practice that is not just another exercise, it is a complete body-mind-soul connection.  Through the years this has become more evident to me.  people come to a […]


“Rain is purifying.  Rain is a blessing from God.”  I was reminded in class this week on the words of Swami Devanand.  Like a seed, those wise words have stayed and grown with my heart.  Almost 20 years later, I am reminded beyond the words, but through the energy and intent, that all we need to do is remember and never forget Gratitude and Love.  Yoga has […]


 “The belief about or picture of the future”, that is the dictionary definition of an expectation. I hate my birthdays. As my birthday approaches, every year, unfailingly, I feel the child in me wanting to celebrate the birthday I feel I never had. I want lots of friends and lots of candy! I want loads of (eggless) chocolate cake, and (eggless) ice cream! I want all my […]

Butterly Efect

The idea was first presented by Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician and meteorologist, that the flap of a butterfly may affect the formation of a tornado in Texas.  Scientifically this is based in the chaos theory.  Scientifically this means that events are highly sensitive to the initial conditions.  I believe I have felt this effect in my […]

Yoga in & out of the mat

Yoga in and out of the mat? What is the “real” yoga? Much has been said about what yoga is. Can yoga be anything you want it to be? Allow me to share some of my experiences. The term yoga comes from the Sanskrit verb yuj, to yoke or unite. Under the term yoga there […]

Do we forget

It is like walking in a fog of uncertainty and doubt. It is like jumping in a river with murky water. It is like being suffocated with the smell of a cheap perfume. We have an incredible capacity to adapt and get used to new conditions. We live in this world bombarded with circumstances, conditions, […]