Reflection #10: Quinoa

And this week, I will reflect on food! Ha! One of the greatest discoveries of my path through new dietary habits is how my system responds more sensitively to foods which are processed. As mentioned before I started as a ovo-vegetarian at the age of 18. I transitioned gradually to fully vegan and gluten free a few […]

Reflection #9

I wrote this “reflection”, about 7 years back. I thought it would be good to revisit and re-share.  I remember at the age of 6 or so, I ran downstairs, with the curiosity and determination a child can have, I walked into my father’s study, where he was buried in books and the reading of philosophy and […]

Reflection #8: Core

Strength v. force. I am experiencing, as many of us, a shift in our world. It is very jarring to me to see the idolization of power, wealth, popularity, and external beauty. I know this is not new to us, but I feel it more evident. What am I to do with all these external […]

Reflection #7

There is danger in becoming vegan! Danger! Once you become vegan, our perception of the world also changes! Although my road to veganism was “slow”, over the years, I left milk, then all dairy, including eggs, and eventually my beloved wheat! Now, I lost count how many years it has been since I am vegan […]

Reflection #6: Sitting

How many times we just want to sit? It is my instinct when looking for solace and rest. I can go anywhere, just sitting comfortably…closing my eyes, going to my place of happiness.   It is time for me to reflect on body movement, specific to yoga. As you may have noticed, I say a lot […]

Reflection #5

In a rainy holiday day, sitting quietly, “thinking” or “reflecting”…(what a dangerous combination!?) As I “reflect” as usual, it is hard to pin-point a single thought. I feel the excruciating pain of expectations! I am, and have committed myself to share my (inspiring?!) thoughts, based on my experiences – which is all I have. And fear starts […]

Reflection #4: Recipe Time

Cooking is one of my new found “passions…? I am by no means claiming to be a great cook – but out of necessity, I have discovered vegan food, how immensely tasty it is for me body, and integral part of my spiritual life.  As you may have read from previous posts, I am originally from one […]

Reflections #3: Good, Bad, Who Knows?

Newly in this country, I met this amazing wise man, a shaman, who, among many valuable things, shared this story. I have found the story from this site and decided to share with you this week. There is a story of a farmer who used an old horse to till his fields. One day, the […]

Reflection #2: Show up and Surrender

July 29, at the age of 19, when I officially “initiated” my yoga practice this life. Never heard of yoga. My first teacher, special spiritual guide in my life who taught me for the first time what love meant, introduced me to yoga, Juan, founder of this center. I was curious. Every evening he would […]

Reflections #1: Who am I?

One day I looked at my photo. It was me as a kid, eating ice cream, in shorts, on a sunny day, by the sea. I knew it was me, but it was not me anymore. My body had changed. I am taller, bigger, and many more “-ers” than that pic. So, who am I? According […]