Meet Our Instructors

With Love and Devotion

Yogesh candra das

Started practicing different types of yoga and meditation since very early age. His need to deepen his spiritual knowledge brought him to India where together with his spiritual master traveled extensively. He has trained many sincere practitioners internationally in hatha & mantra yoga meditation for the last 30 years, dedicating his selfless service to others. In his metaphysical path, he has always been committed to provide everyone with an opportunity to discover the spiritual self through yoga. With this in mind, he co-founded the Houston Chapter of the Devanand Yoga Center in 1993 as an independent non-profit organization. He is the driving force of this organization, having created a unique yoga center in the USA. He presently guides the kirtan or mantra chanting segment on our evening yoga classes, Yogesh also teaches classes in Vedic philosophy and meditation.



Co-founder of this non-profit organization and instructor of yoga. He dedicates his knowledge the biological sciences and applies them to the science of yoga and movement. Rafael has been practicing yoga and vegetarianism for the last 25 years. He dedicates his life for spiritual discovery through the practice of bhakti and hatha yoga.



We are so joyful and privileged to welcome Vidula as a new instructor here at Devanand Yoga Center. She is currently sharing her Yoga experience through an outstanding Gentle Yoga class.

No previous experience needed. Come as you are. You will not regret this opportunity.