Satsang Meetings

Come practice a Heart Meditation, awakening devotion or Bhakti Yoga.  The classes are opened to everyone interested.  These meetings are called satsang. Join us for a profound experience of Divine Love meditation.


5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

It is FREE and opened to all!

Shree Kripalu Maharaj

A spiritual master and a poet-saint of modern times, Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has influenced thousands of devotees around the world in the path of Bhakti Marg, the path of love or devotion to God.

If you would like to attend and participate in the satsang, all you need to do is show up as scheduled. We invite you bring a fruit(s) and/or flower(s) as a practice of offer with love.

The meetings will have the following format (unless special celebrations)

  • Kirtana (15min)
  • Kripalu Maharaji’s pre-recorded discourse (20min)
  • Kirtana (15 min)
  • Araati (10 min)
  • Silent meditation (5min)

Be prepared for a specially charged, devotional, and lovingly spiritual vibration!

Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life. Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving, and full of the desire to serve…Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all. Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny.