Experience the Benefits of Yoga

Devanand Yoga Center (DYC) is a non-profit Yoga organization with the sole mission of facilitating the opportunity for it’s members to find, accept and love themselves through the practice of Yoga Asana (postures), devotional Mantra chanting and knowledgable philosophic insight. Come experience the benefits of yoga with us!

Weekly Classes

We have evening classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. See our schedule.

Group Lessons

All of our classes are in a group setting! Come experience the benefits of yoga.

Thoughts of The Week

Reflection #18: Valentine’s Day

As I look around, the new world existence, for many of us, it all has changed. We are now waking up, every day to a new way of living, connecting with others, grocery shopping, working! This is, indeed, a reminder of the very few things that remain constant in life. I look around at the natural […]

Reflection #17: I am learning

What a year! As I think back of the many ways my life is not the same as it was before, I am perplexed of the ways life/God works, and not so mysterious ways.  As I look back, 2020 brought so many incredibly valuable lessons. The year started did not start as usual. A few […]

In-Person Classes

We will start face-to-face sessions as of Saturday, July 3rd, 2021. It has been long coming! For everyone’s safety we will require proof of COVID vaccination to participate in the center. We will only check it once, and not keep your personal or vaccination proof. If not able to produce vaccination, we will continue to broadcast live and […]

One Free Pass

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