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Devanand Yoga Center (DYC) is a non-profit Yoga organization with the sole mission of facilitating the opportunity for it’s members to find, accept and love themselves through the practice of Yoga Asana (postures), devotional Mantra chanting and knowledgable philosophic insight. Come experience the benefits of yoga with us!

Weekly Classes

We have evening classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. See our schedule.

Group Lessons

All of our classes are in a group setting! Come experience the benefits of yoga.

Thoughts of The Week

Reflection #8: Core

Strength v. force. I am experiencing, as many of us, a shift in our world. It is very jarring to me to see the idolization of power, wealth, popularity, and external beauty. I know this is not new to us, but I feel it more evident. What am I to do with all these external […]

Reflection #7

There is danger in becoming vegan! Danger! Once you become vegan, our perception of the world also changes! Although my road to veganism was “slow”, over the years, I left milk, then all dairy, including eggs, and eventually my beloved wheat! Now, I lost count how many years it has been since I am vegan […]

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