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Devanand Yoga Center (DYC) is a non-profit Yoga organization with the sole mission of facilitating the opportunity for it’s members to find, accept and love themselves through the practice of Yoga Asana (postures), devotional Mantra chanting and knowledgable philosophic insight. Come experience the benefits of yoga with us!

Weekly Classes

We have evening classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. See our schedule.

Group Lessons

All of our classes are in a group setting! Come experience the benefits of yoga.

Thoughts of The Week

Reflection #6: Sitting

How many times we just want to sit? It is my instinct when looking for solace and rest. I can go anywhere, just sitting comfortably…closing my eyes, going to my place of happiness.   It is time for me to reflect on body movement, specific to yoga. As you may have noticed, I say a lot […]

Reflection #5

In a rainy holiday day, sitting quietly, “thinking” or “reflecting”…(what a dangerous combination!😊) As I “reflect” as usual, it is hard to pin-point a single thought. I feel the excruciating pain of expectations! I am, and have committed myself to share my (inspiring?!) thoughts, based on my experiences – which is all I have. And fear starts […]

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