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Experimenta los Beneficios del Yoga

Nuestro Centro de Yoga, una organización sin fines de lucro, ofrece sesiones de yoga y meditación completamente GRATIS. Nuestra única misión es facilitar la oportunidad para que los miembros se encuentren, se acepten y se amen a sí mismos a través de la práctica de Yoga Asana (posturas), el canto devocional de mantras y una profunda visión filosófica.  ¡Ven a experimentar los beneficios del yoga con nosotros!

Pensamientos de la Semana

Yoga In & Out Of The Mat

Yoga in and out of the mat? What is the “real” yoga? Much has been said about what yoga is. Can yoga be anything you want it to be? Allow me to share some of my experiences. The term yoga comes from the Sanskrit verb yuj, to yoke or unite. Under the term yoga there […]

Our Community

The Devanand yoga center, is not a regular place for yoga, it is truly a community. Through the many years of the yoga center’s existence, the center has been dedicated to provide opportunity to participate in what a yoga commune we understand it to be. We are so grateful.  People do not seem to understand what it means when […]

Reflection #14: The One Story?

I just read a TED talk (yes, read it… ?) about the “single story”. This is a narration of this Nigerian writer who (you can use the link) warns about the single sided view of things. We paint all people from a single story we heard or read somewhere. In my mind, I always try reconciling this with my “spiritual bias”, […]

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